The struggle is the opponent, but marijuana is the solution!

Who does not like puns and jokes with out-of-the-box solutions?

Recovery is the biggest part of bringing drug addicts back to real life. We believe humor is universal but still have not received any appreciation the way it should. Now, laughing and cracking jokes is not just the job of a professional comedian. Still, even a group of friends can break the ice and come up with the most stupid and even adult jokes without violating societal standards. 

Let’s go through some funny weed quotes of all dimensions. You can mention these to your friends because people remember the ones who are funny. 

  • Five drunk guys will start a fight. Five stoned guys will start a band.

  • Weed constructs a nation, and alcohol brings the nation down.

  • Just got to know that Cannabis overdose deaths are now equal to the number of people gored to death by unicorns.

  • Get a puff, and weed will not judge you.

  • Who wants to open a doughnut shop next to a medical marijuana place and call it ‘’glazed and confused?’’

  • The person who said that great things are always free must have had a garden full of weeds.

  • I have discovered that there is no popcorn in popcorn chicken. I guess there is no point in bothering with hash browns, then.


Stay high-drated!

I beg you not to feed me with your nastiness unless it looks like a bag of cannabis. 

The addicts might not enjoy mathematics, but they usually buy marijuana when they do. Such funny sayings make you laugh as therapy, and when you need some solid stoner quotes, they serve the right purpose. Weed is now used to help with cancer. One chemical found in marijuana, CBD, is now used in relaxing foot creams. The funny weed quotes reduce stress, and the laughter leads to reducing or regulating cortisol production. It serves as the best cardio therapy and aids in fighting depression.


You might get her through these flirty and witty pickup lines!

  • You must be as dope as a weed because you are all I need right now.

  • Strippers get naked, and weed gets me faded; get in that kitchen, and cook me some bacon.
  • I don’t even need a lighter. You are already on fire!

  • Weed is four words I will never forget, other than your name.

  • You have me at cannabis.

  • Girl, your eyes are as green as the weed I’m smoking.

  • Wanna help me smoke this joint?


It’s literally like there is no one else in the room but you right now. Oh wait, is there anyone else in the room?

Weed can make you laugh for numerous reasons, and this state of relaxation throws us off the fast-paced world surrounding us. Where the interpretation and depiction of art and humor take place through cannabis intake, it bet extra help for the laughter. 

Some other funny sayings about weed if you are having quite a heavy day. Whether it is the funny weed sayings or the weed pick up lines, these one-liners are instinctively made to make people laugh even in the most boring situations. The best part about such humor is that it can be applied anywhere to break the awkward silence in a group chat.   

  • I am sorry, my weed is so loud, and I can’t hear your bullshit.
  • If laughter is the best medicine and marijuana makes you laugh, is marijuana the best medicine?

  • Just saved tons of money on weed by growing my own.

  • We had a joint last night that got so high that we started searching for our friend while he assisted us in looking.
  • I am so stoned over you.

  • Pot can turn foreigners into best friends.
  • You are unbe-weeded-able!

  • I don’t want to smoke without you.

  • Mariju-wanna go out to dinner tonight?